Monday, May 17, 2010

Top of the district to top of the charts ...

We hung out with these awesome kids while filming in Jamunai Mathyapur, a small village in Nepal's Terai. They were so entertaining we just had to put them on-camera. I am told this is a very famous song in the region.

It's called 'Jila top lagela', loosely translated as "top of the district." The song is about a boy singing to a girl. He says that when she puts her lipstick on she is the most beautiful in the district. And, when she moves her hips it's like a lollipop - although I am admittedly a little confused by how hips move like lollipops.

It is sung in the bhojpuri dialect.

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  1. Is it me....or all all the kids in Nepal gorgeous ? Those two must be brothers, no ? What a riot ! I'm sitting here on my expensive laptop thinking about how great it is that these kids are so happy with so few possessions. As usual, great to see your latest installment Jayme !!